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Russia Conducts Anti-Satellite Missile Test

November 16, 2021

Episode Notes:

Russia conducted a missile test yesterday that destroyed one of its own satellites in outer space. The test shattered a defunct Soviet-era satellite that weighed over two tons and was orbiting 300 miles above the earth’s surface. According to U.S. officials, the debris field created by the test will endanger the International Space Station and other space activity for years to come.

To discuss the anti-satellite (or ASAT) test, we’re joined today on the Warcast by Pavel Podvig. Pavel is the director of the Russian Nuclear Forces project.

[ 00:54 ] What we know about the test
[ 02:01 ] Russian decision-making
[ 03:59 ] Alternatives to a kinetic anti-satellite missile test
[ 05:48 ] History of Russian, international ant-satellite missile programs

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