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Rethinking Iran’s Stance on Nuclear Talks

September 16, 2021

Episode Notes:

Two days ago, Iran reached an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency to allow for continued monitoring of its nuclear facilities. Yet despite this, the future of the Iran nuclear deal remains very much up in the air.

Joining us to discuss the progress and potential of nuclear negotiations is Henry Rome. Henry is deputy head of research at Eurasia Group, with a focus on Iran, Israel, and global macro issues. He has previously worked at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School and reported for the Jerusalem Post.


[ 00:54 ] What does the agreement with the IAEA mean?

[ 02:18 ] Why has a return to the deal been so hard?

[ 05:16 ] What additional complications do these delays create?

[ 06:29 ] Does Iran really want to return to the deal?

[ 08:33 ] What do Raisi’s appointments tell us?

[ 11:17 ] What happens next?


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