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The United Nations Votes on Syria’s Future

June 23, 2021

Episode Notes:

On July 10, the current United Nations resolution authorizing cross-border aid into rebel held parts of northwestern Syria will expire. A host of civil society groups have warned that if Russia vetoes re-authorization, it would leave millions at risk of starvation.


Joining us to discuss this issue and its implications for U.S. policy in Syria is Mona Yacoubian. Mona is the senior advisor to the vice president of Middle East & North Africa at the United States Institute of Peace. She previously served as deputy assistant administrator in the Middle East Bureau at USAID.


[ 00:58 ] What is the re-authorization and why is it important?

[ 05:06 ] Diplomatic considerations

[ 11:00 ] What is the situation in regime controlled areas?

[ 12:00 ] How does this fit with the Biden administration’s emerging Syria policy?

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