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First NATO Ministerial of the Biden Presidency

March 30, 2021

Episode Notes:

Last week, NATO held a foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, the first of Joe Biden's presidency. After the transatlantic tensions of the Donald Trump administration, many observers in the United States and Europe hoped this would mark the beginning of a new era for the alliance.


Joining the Warcast to discuss this meeting, and its implications for European security, is Rachel Rizzo. Rachel is an adjunct fellow at the Center for a New American Security, working in the Transatlantic Security Program. She has written widely on NATO and related topics for publications including Politico, Foreign Policy, Defense One, and, War on the Rocks.


[ 00:56 ] Summary

[ 03:16 ] What was the European perspective?

[ 04:32 ] What are the implications for transatlantic relations?

[ 05:33 ] How do Nord Stream sanctions factor into this?

[ 08:02 ] Are there other items on the transatlantic agenda we should be watching?

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