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The Pandemic and U.S. Defense Spending

August 12, 2020

Episode Notes:

Given its impact on American politics, society, and economics, COVID-19 is bound to affect U.S. defense spending. A recent report, for instance, suggests that the Pentagon is asking Congress for an additional $11 billion in emergency funding directly related to the pandemic.

Matt Vallone — Director of Research & Analysis at Avascent and former legislative director for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter — joins the WarCast to discuss defense spending in an age of pandemic.

[ 01:00 ] How has COVID-19 affected the Fiscal Year 2021 defense budget process?

[ 02:33 ] What do you make of the Pentagon’s $11 billion emergency request and how do you expect Congress to react?

[ 04:51 ] How do you think the pandemic will affect U.S. defense spending in the next five years?

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