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Devastating Fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard

July 13, 2020

Episode Notes:

On July 12, a fire broke out aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard amphibious assault ship. The ship was in port for maintenance in San Diego and, over a day later, the fire is still not under control. Dozens of personnel have been treated for minor injuries, heat exhaustion, and smoke inhalation, and five have been hospitalized for observation. While it’s too early to say with any confidence, there’s a risk that the damage to the Bonhomme Richard is irreparable.

Doyle Hodges — the executive editor of the Texas National Security Review and retired naval officer — joins the Warcast to talk about the fire aboard the Bonhomme Richard and the implications of the incident on America’s maritime posture.

Follow Doyle on Twitter @DoyleKHodges.


[ 01:10 ] What type of ship is the USS Bonhomme Richard and what’s the significance of its name?

[ 05:02 ] What do we know about the cause of the fire and the likely impact to the ship?

[ 09:50 ] What are the implications of this fire for the Navy’s fleet of amphibious assault ships, and America's global naval posture more broadly?

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