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Details on the Russian Test Accident and Radiation Spike

August 14, 2019

Episode Notes:

Last week, an explosion near a Russian missile testing site killed at least seven people and has caused widespread fears of radiological harm in the area. Several details are still characteristically shrouded in secrecy.

Michael Kofman, Director of the Russia Studies Program at the CNA Corporation and a Fellow at the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., joins the WarCast to detail what is currently known, what is presumed, and what is unknown.

[ 0:17 ] Intro
[ 0:50 ] Recap of the event
[ 2:00 ] What the Russians were testing
[ 3:46 ] Russia's numerous nuclear projects
[ 6:18 ] Clues on Russian defense priorities
[ 7:54 ] The value of nuclear propulsion

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