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Ukraine’s New President Takes First Decisive Actions: Parliament Resists

May 22, 2019

Episode Notes:

New Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has made several immediate decisions including a decree to dissolve Parliament. But, in a surprising turnaround this morning, parliament speaker asserted to lawmakers that Zelenskiy's decree is against the law.

Jonathan Brunson, Former Senior Analyst on Ukraine with the International Crisis Group and former U.S. Embassy political section employee in Ukraine, joins the Warcast to unpack the political crisis. (~12 minutes)

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 0:51 ] Fight over dissolving parliament
[ 2:08 ] Overview of Zelenskiy's first actions
[ 3:20 ] Significant political actors
[ 5:29 ] Expectations
[ 9:27 ] How Western allies should revise engagement with Ukraine

Twitter: @jonathbruns

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