war on the rocks

Guaido Returns to Venezuela: What Comes Next

March 5, 2019

Episode Notes:

After visiting five Latin American countries to shore up support for democracy in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó returns home, calling for renewed protests across the country demanding Nicolás Maduro step down.

Harold Trinkunas, Deputy Director and Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, joins the Warcast to discuss the current situation and what Guaidó must do next.

[ 0:18 ] Introduction
[ 0:45 ] Who is the real President of Venezuela
[ 1:41 ] What it means that Guaidó was not detained upon reentry
[ 3:00 ] Why the military continue to support Maduro
[ 5:23 ] How democracy requires the military to be decoupled from Maduro
[ 7:27 ] Possible modes of foreign intervention