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Mass Protests Resilient Against Bashir’s Sudan

January 17, 2019

Episode Notes:

Despite a punishing crackdown by the Sudanese government, massive anti-government demonstrations continue throughout several cities across Sudan into the fourth week. So far, more than 800 people have been arrested and dozens killed.

Michelle Gavin, Senior Fellow for Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins the WarCast to discuss the situation, why it's happening now, and whether reform is possible.

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 0:47 ] Causes of unrest
[ 1:56 ] Demands of the opposition and Sudanese professionals
[ 3:36 ] Repressive practices and government response
[ 5:13 ] Prospects of reform or peaceful transfers of power
[ 9:11 ] Interests of outside powers regarding the protests

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