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Macron’s Proposal: A European Army

December 7, 2018

Episode Notes:

French President Macron has renewed calls for a common European Army. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday endorsed the creation of an EU army, citing that the EU could no longer rely on the US for its security.

Stanley R. Sloan, Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Transatlantic Security Initiative at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council, discusses the scope, risks, and his expectations for what's to come.

[ 0:18 ] Introduction
[ 0:59 ] Plausibility of an E.U. common army
[ 2:59 ] Risk to NATO credibility
[ 4:53 ] Value of NATO to the U.S.
[ 7:21 ] Threat from illiberal populism

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