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Kandahar Police Chief General Raziq Assassinated

October 19, 2018

Episode Notes:

Yesterday, the Taliban assassinated Kandahar's police chief General Abdul Raziq along with several others in the governor’s compound. The U.S. Commander of NATO's Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, was present but avoided harm. Rebecca Zimmerman, Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation, discusses the ramifications of Raziq's death. (~14 minutes)

[ 0:34 ] Introduction
[ 0:55  ] Overview of the event
[ 1:53 ] Significance of General Raziq
[4:30 ] Impact on Afghan COIN and diplomacy
[ 6:51 ] Managing the vacuum from Raziq’s death
[ 8:35 ] Impact on Afghan election confidence and turnout
[ 10:58 ] Influence on U.S. strategy or resolve

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