Beyond Offset

The Beyond Offset project is a partnership between War on the Rocks and the Center for a New American Security that aims to build a community-of-interest that will address the challenges of maintaining America’s competitive edge in military technology and advance solutions.

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense have both stated publicly that they believe the U.S. military is losing its technological edge. To remedy that decline they have commenced an initiative to assure the U.S. military’s technological edge through the next several decades. Based on the “offset” strategy of the late 1970s, which spurred development of game-changing technologies that helped underpin U.S. defense strategy for decades, this new effort comes at a critical time in the debate over Pentagon policy and investment priorities.

What are the solutions? How should we understand the problem? What is the next offset strategy? Check this page often for answers to those questions and – more importantly – submit your own answers for publication at War or on the Rocks ( Join the conversation on social media using #beyondoffset.

What is an Offset Strategy?

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What should the U.S. Government do?

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