COVID-19 and the Future of Global Trade


The coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the global economy, and its impact is likely to last for many months. But some foresee (and are hoping for) permanent changes to global trade: They want businesses to restructure their supply chains and bring more operations back home, thereby reducing dependence upon foreign workers and potential vulnerability to pressure from foreign governments. Some are even willing to pay companies’ relocation costs. In the post-COVID-19 world, will business leaders reconsider the trade-offs between efficiency and resilience against major supply disruptions? How are governments’ responses to the pandemic likely to influence these decisions? And what are the national security implications? Ben Jensen again joins Chris and Melanie to discuss these and other questions. In the grievances and attaboys portion of the show, the trio showers praise on those men and women working to solve the COVID-19 problem and showing random acts of kindness toward their fellow humans, while throwing shade on those who often seem to be standing in the way.





Image by Tom Fisk