The (War)Games We Play


If you read War on the Rocks, you’ve noticed there’s a lively debate over the state of wargaming in the Department of Defense. After senior leaders pushed for a renewed emphasis on wargaming several years ago, are these games any good? Are they doing what they need to be doing for the U.S. military? If not, who is at fault — the gaming community or the customers sitting in the five-sided building? To tackle these questions and more, we gathered a gifted group of gamesome and gallant gamers. Join Ryan’s conversation with Ellie Bartels, ED McGrady, and Peter Perla.




Jon Compton, “The Obstacles on the Road to Better Analytical Wargaming

Phillip Pournelle, “Can the Cycle of Research Save American Military Strategy?

Peter Perla, Web Ewell, Christopher Ma, Justin Peachy, Jeremy Sepinksy, and Basil Tripsas, “Rolling the Iron Dice: From Analytical Wargaming to the Cycle of Research

ED McGrady, “Getting the Story Right About Wargaming

Elizabeth Bartels, “Getting the Most Out of Your Wargame: Practical Advice for Decision-Makers

Robert Work and Paul Selva, “Revitalizing Wargaming is Necessary to be Prepared for Future Wars