(W)Archives: Knowledge Wins

March 13, 2015

One of the most famous American posters of the World War I era depicts a soldier climbing up stairs made of books toward a bright future, all under the bold slogan “Knowledge Wins.” That is a slogan that we here at War on the Rocks firmly believe in. We know that it is impossible for any country to have a sound foreign and defense policy or to properly conduct its military operations without a solid basis of knowledge and insight. We hope and believe that in the nineteen months that we’ve been operating we have contributed to that knowledge and insight.

We can’t help noticing that nineteen months is the same amount of time that the United States was in World War I. Over that brief period, the country mobilized an enormous Army and sent some two million soldiers to France to fight alongside the Allies who were already totally committed to the great and terrible war. As lovers of history, the efforts of a hundred years ago inspire us.

Today we at War on the Rocks want to consolidate our gains and prepare for the next big push. We want to make this online magazine a permanent and even bigger part of the national security landscape across the English-speaking world. So, just as the United States and the Allies did when they needed to keep the war effort going, we turn to you, the public. We do this with the assistance of the crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, and, in true (W)Archives fashion, the World War I poster collection of the Library of Congress.

What can you do?” Well, we created a platform for commentary and analysis that we’re proud of, and now you can “help us keep it.” We ask you to “sow the seeds” of War on the Rocks’ future growth. Not everyone can serve on the front lines of War on the Rocks, but “if you cannot put the ‘I’ in fight, you can put the pay in patriotism” by donating. We believe that “if you only knew” how vital your support is to War on the Rocks’ plans for the future “you’d give and give and give.”

You may ask “how much should I give?” Any amount will help, but “bring in your $50” and you get our bad-ass bumper sticker and a very classy 11.5 ounce whiskey tumbler. And for $35,000, you get to play Battleship against Admiral Stavridis. However much you can give, rest assured that “every dollar spent” will help War on the Rocks to offer even more of the articles you love.

And it’s not just Americans, Canadians and Australians to whom we are looking for “help.” “Britishers, you’re needed.” “Invest five shillings” and you get…well, you don’t get anything for that, but we’ll think it’s pretty cool. But “make your sixpences grow into pounds,” and pretty soon you’ll find your name listed forever on our website as one of our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level founders.

Come on boys” and girls, “invest your money” in a more informed foreign and defense policy. “Poughkeepsie asks you to do your part” by supporting War on the Rocks today! Your help is “wanted!” “I’m doing my duty. Are you?


Mark Stout is a Senior Editor at War on the Rocks. He is the Director of the MA Program in Global Security Studies and the Graduate Certificate Program in Intelligence at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Arts and Sciences in Washington, D.C.