CSM: Why We’re Launching a Site on Security and Privacy in the Digital Age 

November 22, 2014

The Christian Science Monitor is launching Passcode, a section covering online security and privacy, to explore the toughest questions and most pressing issues of the digital age.

The rapid advance of the Internet and computing power has brought about tremendous opportunity and countless benefits. But it also raises fresh concerns as we rush head first to embrace the latest technology.

Consumers are tracked more than ever before by advertisers and data brokers that monitor their activity on the Web and smartphones. Government agencies can collect and scrutinize that data, too. For corporations, the spread of networked machines raises the specter of electronic attacks. Industrial powers are concerned that rival nations, hacktivists, or terrorists could penetrate the most critical parts of their infrastructure — say, the power grid.

We will apply trademark Monitor reporting— thoughtful, analytical, and solutions-oriented— as we cover security and privacy. Passcode has a 15-person team of editors, writers, and founding columnists who are leaders in the field. We also have a network of Monitor correspondents around the world, bringing you stories from places like Berlin and Beijing.

We launch in January. Read our manifesto, and sign up for Passcode articles and updates, at www.csmpasscode.com. Follow us on Twitter at @CSMPasscode.


Michael Farrell is the editor of Passcode, a section from The Christian Science Monitor dedicated to covering the intersection of technology, security, and privacy. Farrell is based in Boston where he oversees a team of writers around the country and abroad who cover cybersecurity, hackers and hacktivists, online threats, network vulnerabilities, Internet espionage, and surveillance in the digital age. Follow him on Twitter at @Mikebfarrell.

Sara Sorcher is deputy editor of Passcode. Based in Washington, D.C., she covers Internet policy throughout the federal government and military; the business of cybersecurity; and national debates over online privacy.. Follow her on Twitter at @SaraSorcher.