PODCAST: Contemporary Nuclear Strategy


Ryan Evans sat down with an august panel of gentlemen and a gentlelady to discuss issues related to contemporary nuclear strategy.  The guests:

  • Elbridge Colby, Fellow, Center for a New American Security
  • Thomas C. Moore, Defense Consultant and former Senior Professional Staff Member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under then-Ranking Member Dick Lugar
  • Stanley Orman, former British Defence official, our very own nuclear Yoda, and author of An Uncivil Civil Servant.
  • William Rosenau, Senior Analyst with CNA Strategic Studies’ Center for Stability and Development
  • Usha Sahay, Assistant Editor at War on the Rocks and Director of Digital Outreach at the Council for a Livable World

They discussed everything from Iran to submarines to the recent nuclear cheating scandal.  Pour yourself a drink and have a listen.


Image: SCFiasco, Flickr, Creative Commons