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Biden and Putin Both at Their Best

June 18, 2021

Episode Notes:

On Wednesday June 16th, U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for a three-hour summit in Geneva. Following a discussion that included human rights, cyber-attacks, and nuclear weapons, both leaders appeared positive, with Biden saying the tone had been good and Putin describing it as constructive.

Joining us to discuss the summit, and what it means for U.S.-Russian relations, is Mark Galeotti. Mark is a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and principal director of the consultancy Mayak Intelligence. He is the author of a number of books, including A Short History of Russia and We Need to Talk About Putin.

[ 01:00 ] What do you think of the coverage?
[ 03:43 ] What about the substance?
[ 07:12 ] What does this say for U.S.-Russia relations going forward?
[ 08:49 ] Syria and Ukraine
[ 13:00 ] Putin’s domestic political situation

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