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Russia and the Peace Deal in the South Caucasus

November 11, 2020

Episode Notes:

After six weeks of bloody fighting, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh is now over. Under a Russian-brokered peace deal signed on Tuesday by Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijan will hold on to areas it seized in the war, while Armenia will also withdrawal from other areas. The deal is seen as a clear win for Azerbaijan and Turkey, its main bakcer, and a clear loss for Armenia. Angry protestors stormed the Armenian parliament and called for the prime minister’s resignation.

Mark Galeotti joins the Warcast to discuss the end of the war and Russia’s role in the South Caucasus. Mark is a world-leading expert on Russia, and is the principal director of Mayak Intelligence, an honorary professor at University College London’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies, and a senior associate fellow with the Royal United Services Institute. He is the author of several books on Russia, most recently A Short History of Russia: How the World's Largest Country Invented Itself, from the Pagans to Putin, and the host of the podcast “In Moscow’s Shadows.”

[ 01:36 ]  Peace deal from Russia’s perspective

[ 04:05 ]  Moscow's role in ending the conflict — is it good for Putin?

[ 06:06 ]  Russian claims to regional hegemony

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