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Syria, Turkey, and the Battle for Idlib

February 19, 2020

Episode Notes:

Syrian government forces, with the support of Russia, have launched a sweeping offensive in Idlib province. The campaign represents a serious setback for opposition forces, and has created a humanitarian crisis as thousands of refugees flee government troops. The move also heightens tensions with Turkey, which has viewed the status quo in Idlib as a key element of its strategy in Syria.

Aaron Stein — director of the Middle East Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute — joins the WarCast to discuss the latest news in Idlib, why Turkey’s Syria policy could be up in smoke, and what the American response should be.

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[ 00:57 ] Latest developments in Idlib

[ 01:54 ] Idlib and Turkey’s Syria policy

[ 03:38 ] Reasons for Syria’s latest offensive

[ 05:10 ] American response

[ 07:24 ] What's next in the Syrian conflict?

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