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Iran Rattled by Protests, Nuclear Sanctions, and Cable Leaks

November 19, 2019

Episode Notes:

It’s been an eventful week in Iran. On Nov. 15, Iranians took to the streets to protest a hike in gas prices. The government responded by imposing a nationwide internet blackout and the use of force. On Monday, the United States said it will no longer waive sanctions related to Iran’s Fordow nuclear plant. On the same day, the New York Times and The Intercept published secret Iranian intelligence cables exposing the country’s influence in Iraq.

Dr. Ariane M. Tabatabai — associate political scientist at the RAND Corporation, adjunct senior research scholar at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and co-author of Triple-Axis: Iran's Relations with Russia and China — joins the Warcast to explain what is going on in Iran, why it matters, and what to expect going forward.

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[ 1:19 ] Why Iranians are protesting

[ 3:12 ] Tehran’s response to the protests

[ 5:15 ] Iran in the context of other protest movements ongoing in the Middle East

[ 6:40 ] Washington’s decision on Iran’s Fordow nuclear plant

[ 9:15 ] Leak of Iranian intelligence cables

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