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Protests in Iraq: Causes, Consequences, and the Quds Force

November 1, 2019

Episode Notes:

Protests in Iraq have rocked the government in Baghdad to the brink. Small-scale demonstrations against corruption and unemployment escalated into a popular protest movement on October 1, after security forces killed unarmed protestors. Over 263 Iraqis have been killed.

Rasha al Aqeedi — non-resident fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, managing editor of Irfaa Sawtak (Raise Your Voice), and a researcher and analyst of contemporary Iraqi politics and political Islam — joins the WarCast to explore the Iraqi protests, their meaning, and where the country goes from here.

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[ 0:45 ] Why protests started

[ 1:45 ] Why protests escalated

[ 6:27 ] Iranian interests in Iraq

[ 9:00 ] What to expect going forward

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