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China Announces 90% Xinjiang Muslims Released From Detention Camps: Claim Contested

August 1, 2019

Episode Notes:

The Chinese government made the unexpected announcement Tuesday that it had released most of the minority Muslims being held in controversial detentions camps across the country’s Xinjiang region. So far, the U.S., as well as ethnic Uighurs abroad are contesting the claim.

Michael Clarke, Associate Professor at the National Security College at Australian National University and author of Xinjiang and China’s Rise in Central Asia: A History, joins the WarCast to discuss the announcement.

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 1:03 ] Details of the announcement
[ 1:48 ] Evidence
[ 3:19 ] Value of China making the claim
[ 4:38 ] Details of what's happening in Xinjiang
[ 8:20 ] Components of social control beyond camps

Twitter: @meclarke114

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