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Libya Update: Haftar’s Tripoli Campaign, U.S.-Made Bombs, and Turkey’s Involvement

July 2, 2019

Episode Notes:

Haftar's Libyan National Army steps up its air raids after losing the strategically significant city Gharyan in its goal of taking Tripoli. In the midst of the campaign, evidence of some level foreign involvement arises as U.S.-made bombs are discovered and even a Turkish drone was shot down by the LNA.

Jalel Harchaoui, Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, joins the WarCast to discuss the dynamics that frustrate Haftar's campaign and what impact foreign involvement has had.

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 0:58 ] Status of the campaign on Tripoli
[ 5:13 ] What Libyans really want
[ 8:14 ] Understanding foreign involvement in Libya

Twitter: @JMJalel_H

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