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UK Restricts Huawei Involvement in 5G Network Development: Options

May 2, 2019

Episode Notes:

Theresa May has ordered to restrict Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei from supplying core parts of the U.K.'s future 5G mobile network. This follows from a recent leak by the U.K. Defense Chief about May's interest in greater Huawei cooperation.

Melanie Hart, Senior Fellow and Director for China Policy at the Center for American Progress, joins the Warcast to detail the challenges, incentives, and alternatives facing countries considering China in the 5G network development.

[ 0:18 ] Introduction
[ 0:55 ] The calculus for a government to involve Huawei to develop their 5g network
[ 3:00 ] Detailed threat assessment
[ 6:07 ] State-level safeguards and alternatives

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