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Andalusian Elections Pivot Far-Right

December 12, 2018

Episode Notes:

For the first time in Spain's 36-year electoral history, right-wing parties won an absolute majority of seats in the Andalusian Parliament. This outcome could enable a non-Socialist government to take power in the region after a generation of uninterrupted Socialist Party rule.

Sebastian Royo, Professor & Acting Provost at Suffolk University Boston joins the WarCast to discuss what's happening with Spain's situation.

[ 0:19 ] Introduction
[ 0:49 ] Why the right-wing Vox party is popular
[ 3:49 ] Impact of the regional elections to national politics
[ 5:22 ] How the national government should respond
[ 7:27 ] Limits of the government to respond
[ 9:13 ] Impact of right-wing surge throughout Europe on Spain

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