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Impact of Finland Joining NATO

May 10, 2022

Episode Notes:

On May 12, Finland is expected to formally announce its application for NATO membership. Next door, Sweden is also preparing to take this step.

To discuss what these moves mean, we’re joined by Heljä Ossa.

Heljä is a researcher at the Finnish National Defence University, a Ph.D. student in military sciences, and editor at The Ulkopolitist. She is also the co-author of a recent War on the Rocks article, What Would Finland Bring to the Table for NATO?

[ 0:48 ] Finland’s history with NATO

[ 1:45 ] What would Finland bring to NATO?

[ 2:20 ]  Evolution of Finnish public opinion

[ 3: 00 ] Subsequent political process.

[ 4:56 ] Sources of opposition

[ 5:43 ] Russian response

[ 6:36 ] Sweden

[ 7:39 ] Long-term implications for the Baltic

[ 8:58 ] NATO and national Finnish security

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