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Turkey’s Most Recent Crisis with the West

November 1, 2021

Episode Notes:

This past week saw more drama in Turkey’s increasingly strained relationship with its erstwhile Western allies. Last Saturday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called for the expulsion of ambassadors from ten countries, America included, which had criticized the continued detention of a prominent civil society leader. The crisis was subsequently defused. But there will still be a plenty on the agenda, including a potential F-16 sale, when Erdoğan meets president Biden in Glasgow on Nov. 2.

To discuss all this we’re joined by Humeyra Pamuk. Pamuk has been with Reuters for 18 years, mostly in the Middle East. She has covered the State Department for the last two years, accompanying the secretary of state on trips to Afghanistan, Japan, and Latin America.

[ 01:05 ] How most recent crisis started

[ 03:35 ] How most recent crisis was “resolved”

[ 09:20 ] Turkish domestic politics

[ 10:59 ] Biden and Erdoğan to meet this week

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