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The Situation in Lebanon

April 21, 2021

Episode Notes:

The past year has seen a number of dire warnings about the future of Lebanon. Political infighting, regional turmoil, heavy inflation and, last August, a catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut have all contributed to a state of deepening crisis. Against this backdrop, we’ve seen headlines declaring that Lebanon is “dying,” or even “on the road to Hell.” Most recently, Reuters reported that Hezbollah is preparing for an “all-out collapse” of the Lebanese state by importing medicine, issuing ration cards, and preparing to stockpile fuel from Iran.


Joining the Warcast to discuss the situation in Lebanon is Faysal Itani. Faysal is the deputy editor of Newlines Magazine and the deputy director of the Human Security Unit at the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy. He also teaches courses on Middle East Politics at Georgetown and George Washington University.


[ 01:12 ] What is the situation in Lebanon is now?

[ 03:55 ] How did we get here?

[ 08:27 ] What might happen next?

[ 11:44 ] What are the implications for Washington?

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