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Mega-Ship Blocks Suez Canal

March 25, 2021

Episode Notes:

For a third consecutive day the Suez Canal has been blocked by a massive container ship, the Ever Given, which remains stuck on the canal’s right bank. While Egypt has reopened the canal’s older channel to divert some traffic, a huge backlog of ships is building up around the canal, one of the world’s most strategic waterways. Salvage operations are underway, but it could take weeks to refloat the ship.

Doyle Hodges — executive editor at the Texas National Security Review and retired U.S. naval officer — joins the Warcast to discuss the challenges of sailing through the Suez Canal and salvaging a ship that has run aground.


[ 00:54 ] How does an accident like this happen?
[ 03:30 ] What was your experience like sailing through the Suez Canal and are you necessarily surprised that a ship has run aground there?
[ 04:49 ] As the former commander of a salvage ship, what considerations are important in trying to get the salvage refloated?

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