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British Army of the Future

March 23, 2021

Episode Notes:

For the second time in less than a week, the British government has released an official document with wide-ranging implications for the country’s national security. Last week’s integrated review of defense and security policy has been followed up today with a so-called “defense command paper” from the Ministry of Defence. Entitled “Defence in a Competitive Age,” the document outlines a major overhaul of the armed forces over the next decade. Instead of designing a force that’s primarily geared for warfighting and major conflict, the British military of the future will be “designed for permanent and persistent global engagement.” This transformation includes cuts to British Army personnel, infantry fighting vehicles, and main battle tanks.

Jack Watling — a research fellow for land warfare at Royal United Services Institute — joins the Warcast to discuss what the new defense command paper means for the British Army.


[ 01:10 ] Size of the British Army

[ 03:46 ] Key takeaways

[ 05:36 ] Risk involved in force reductions

[ 08:24 ] Impact on ability to cooperate with the United States

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