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Future U.S. Military Facilities in Palau

September 11, 2020

Episode Notes:

The Republic of Palau — an archipelago of several hundred islands that lies 500 miles east of the Philippines — has asked the U.S. military to build ports, bases, and airfields and station additional American troops on its territory. The two countries already have a close relationship based on the 1994 Compact of Free Association, under which the United States provides for Palau’s defense and security. However, the recent move — announced a week after Mark Esper became the first secretary of defense to visit Palau — is seen as an important step in shoring up America’s defense posture in a region that is increasingly subject to Chinese influence.

Bu what will the new facilities entail, how much will it cost, and how will they compare to America’s other military outposts in the Pacific?

Doyle Hodges — the executive editor of the Texas National Security Review and retired naval officer — joins the Warcast to discuss what it’s like to actually sail into Palau and the future of the U.S. naval presence on the island nation.

Follow Doyle on Twitter @DoyleKHodges.


[ 01:21 ] As a former Navy officer, what was your reaction when you heard that Palau has asked the United States to build naval facilities on the island?

[ 03:20 ] What were some of the logistical challenges of sailing into Palau?

[ 04:42 ] In terms of its future relationship with Palau, what are a few things the U.S. Navy should think about moving forward?

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