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Kim Jong Un’s Health and the Future of North Korea

April 28, 2020

Episode Notes:

Recent reporting suggests that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is either seriously unwell and on the verge of death — or is perfectly fine. Whatever Kim’s actual condition, the recent speculation about his health raises interesting questions about North Korea, the most opaque country in the world.

Jenny Town — a fellow at the Stimson Center and the Deputy Director of 38 North, a website devoted to providing policy and technical analysis on North Korea — joins the Warcast to discuss the latest rumors about Kim’s health, the security of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, and what American policymakers should be thinking about during this latest crisis in Northeast Asia.


[ 01:02 ] Kim Jong Un health rumors

[ 04:05 ] North Korean nukes

[ 05:10 ] Succession planning in Pyongyang

[ 08:06 ] Priorities for U.S. policymakers

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