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South Korea’s Legislative Elections and COVID-19

April 14, 2020

Episode Notes:

On April 15, South Koreans will go to the polls for legislative elections. While not on the ballot, there’s a lot at stake for President Moon Jae-in. He hopes allies in a new National Assembly will support his policies on closer ties with North Korea, economic reforms, and renegotiating the special measures agreement with the United States — the mechanism by which South Korea shares the costs of U.S. forces based in-country, and a major source of tension with President Donald Trump. That elections are moving forward, despite the risk of COVID-19, highlights the success of South Korea’s pandemic response, considered to be amongst the most effective in the world.

Jenny Town — a Fellow at the Stimson Center and the Deputy Director of 38 North, a website devoted to providing policy and technical analysis on North Korea — joins the Warcast to explain the impact COVID-19 has had on South Korean politics and the alliance with the United States.

[ 01:23 ] What are the significance of this week's elections in South Korea?

[ 04:06 ] How has COVID affected South Korean politics and the standing of President Moon?

[ 06:07 ] What's the current state of the U.S.-South Korea alliance, and has COVID impacted it at all?

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