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America’s New Defense Budget

February 14, 2020

Episode Notes:

The annual defense budget process is now under way. On Feb. 11, the White House released the President’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2021. The request includes $705.4 billion for the Department of Defense, a 1.1 percent cut from last year. Over $634 billion is slated for the base budget and $69 billion for overseas contingency operations. This budget highlights key trends in U.S. defense spending. There’s less fiscal space and political appetite for significantly higher toplines, and growing military personnel costs are putting pressure on the procurement account. The services, particularly the Air Force and Navy, have had to make tough choices to prioritize investments that reflect the National Defense Strategy’s focus on great-power competition.

Matt Vallone — Director of Research & Analysis at Avascent Analytics and former Legislative Director for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter — joins the WarCast to discuss the defense budget, including key takeaways, budget surprises, and what’s next in the budget process on Capitol Hill.

[ 01:45 ] Key takeaways from the President’s Budget Request

[ 04:37 ] Budget surprises

[ 06:17 ] Rationale for the retiring of the B-1 from the Air Force's perspective

[ 07:25 ] How will key stakeholders on the Hill react?

[ 09:44 ] What’s  next in the budget process?

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