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Protests in Lebanon: Why Did They Start and What Does it Mean?

October 21, 2019

Episode Notes:

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across Lebanon. The demonstrations began last Thursday, triggered by proposed government spending cuts, including a tax on calls made on WhatsApp. What popular frustrations led to the protests? Beyond a reversal of austerity measures, what do the protesters want?

Karl Sharro — architect, satirist, commentator on the Middle East, and author of And Then God Created the Middle East and Said ‘Let There Be Breaking News’ — joins the WarCast to explore the Lebanese protests, their meaning, and where politics in this crucial country go from here.

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[ 3:43 ] Lebanon's power-sharing arrangement

[10:05] Why these protests are historic

[10:45] Reforms may be too little, too late

[12:45] Hezbollah's position on the crisis

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