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Duterte Mentions Enacting U.S.-Philippines’ Mutual Defense Treaty After Strategic Dialogue

July 19, 2019

Episode Notes:

Causing a stir on Tuesday, Philippines' President Duterte said, flippantly but publicly, that the U.S. should enforce the mutual defense treaty (MDT) between them in the wake of current maritime tension in the South China Sea. What is the context of the statement, and what is the real status of tensions in the region?

Gregory Poling, Director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative and Fellow with the Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, joins the WarCast to discuss

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 0:54 ] What Duterte actually said and why
[ 2:04 ] The recent Philippines-U.S. Bilateral Strategic Dialogue in Manila.
[ 3:34 ] Philippines' frustration with security management in the South China Sea
[ 5:16 ] Whether there is a legal basis for invoking the MDT
[ 7:56 ] Most plausible disruptions or risks to come

Twitter: @GregPoling

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