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Trump Steps Into North Korea: Two Sides Agree to Restart Nuclear Talks

July 3, 2019

Episode Notes:

Over the weekend, President Trump made a surprise meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Korean border, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to cross the boundary into North Korea. The meeting apparently concluded with a commitment to restart nuclear talks.

Ankit Panda, Senior Editor at The Diplomat, Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, and a contributing editor at War on the Rocks, joins the WarCast to discuss the event and the ramifications.

[ 0:17 ] Introduction
[ 0:51 ] Details of the "third summit"
[ 2:10 ] Why this hasn't happened before
[ 4:18 ] Two outcomes of the visit on the nuclear talks
[ 6:47 ] Precedent-setting and lessons for other 'rogue' states

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