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Turkey Urges China to End Mass Detention of Uighurs

February 14, 2019

Episode Notes:

Turkey has called on the Chinese government to shut down its mass detention and reeducation camps currently estimated to hold over a million Uighur Muslims in the country. The internment camps have been in operation in China's Xinjiang, an autonomous region, since 2014 but have intensified.

Mathieu Duch√Ętel, Director of the Asia Programme at the Montaigne Institute in Paris, discusses the origin of the camps, the Turkish response, and the international consequences China may face. (~11 minutes)

[ 0:17] Introduction
[ 0:41 ] Origin of the camps
[ 3:16] Why Turkey has urged the closure now
[ 5:00 ] International costs China faces
[ 8:23 ] China's options

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