war on the rocks

Norwegian Frigate Ruined Returning from NATO Exercise

November 23, 2018

Episode Notes:

While Returning from the massive NATO military exercise, Trident Juncture, one of Norway's prized frigates, the KMN Helge Ingstad, was rammed by a massive oil tanker and has since sunk. Joining us to talk about the event and the vast NATO exercise at large is Azita Raji, former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden.

[ 0:17 ] Intro
[ 0:42 ] Possible causes of the collision
[ 3:18 ] Impact on Norwegian and NATO naval capacities
[ 4:30 ] How the accident may mar the message of the NATO exercise
[ 5:43 ] Lessons from Trident Juncture
[ 8:29 ] Sweden and Finland's enhanced role
[ 9:35 ] Message to Russia