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Brazil’s Pivot Under Bolsonaro

November 16, 2018

Episode Notes:

Last month, Brazil elected firebrand nativist-militarist Jair Bolsonaro to be their next President. Bolsonaro won with over 55% of the vote, garnering a mandate, stoking fear among certain marginalized populations in the country and ideological opponents abroad. Ryan Lloyd, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of São Paulo shares his views on Bolsonaro and the future of Brazil. (~10 minutes)

[ 0:18 ] Introduction
[ 0:46 ] Who is Bolsonaro really?
[ 3:30 ] Brazil's Trump? Or, Brazil's Reagan?
[ 6:21 ] Was this a vote for Bolsonaro's politics or a rejection of the status quo?
[ 8:02 ] What might Brazil's politics look like over the next administration?

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