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U.S. Troops Deploying to Meet Migrant Caravan

November 3, 2018

Episode Notes:

Earlier this week, U.S. President Trump ordered over 5,200 troops to be deployed to the border to face a large migrant caravan heading northward on foot from Honduras.

Alan Bersin, former United States Attorney for the southern district of California and the U.S.' first border czar under the Clinton admin 1993-1998, prior Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection during the Obama Administration, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, and a Global fellow at the Wilson Center, has joined us to share his view on the situation. (~11 minutes)

[ 0:33 ] Introduction
[ 1:52 ] How this caravan is different. Purpose of response
[ 6:13 ] How the U.S. can manage this appropriately
[ 7:56 ] Possible opportunities that follow after the situation

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