China’s Law of the Sea

Isaac Kardon

Horns of a DilemmaOct 3

Confronting Saddam Hussein

Melvyn Leffler

Horns of a DilemmaSep 29

One Tree Line at a Time: Breaching Russian Defenses in Ukraine

Michael Kofman and Nick Danforth

War On The RocksSep 28

Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Francis J. Gavin

Nuclear Brinkmanship in AI-Enabled Warfare: A Dangerous Algorithmic Game of Chicken

James Johnson

In Brief: The Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh

Richard Giragosian, Alex Vatanka, and Pinar Sayan

The U.S. Government Should Stockpile More Critical Minerals

Gregory Wischer and Jack Little

Biting Off What It Can Chew: Ukraine Understands Its Attritional Context

Robert Rose

Welcome to Cyber Realism: Parsing the 2023 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy

Emerson T. Brooking and Erica Lonergan

Where the Wargames Weren’t: Assessing 10 Years of U.S.-Chinese Military Assessments

Matthew Tetreau

Proliferate, Don’t Obliterate: How Responsive Launch Marginalizes Anti-Satellite Capabilities

Ritwik Gupta and Andrew W. Reddie

In Brief: The North Korean-Russian Threat

Jenny Town, Ankit Panda, and Jonathan Corrado

Scaling the Future: How Replicator Aims to Fast-Track U.S. Defense Capabilities

Lauren Kahn

Making Military Service More Attractive for Modern Spouses

Joshua Cobb and Wendy Whitman Cobb

Balancing Space Superiority and Space Services to Better Sustain the Joint Force

Dennis Rice

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