war on the rocks

Wanted: A New Member of the Business Team at WOTR

February 9, 2017

War on the Rocks  is looking for a full-time, reliable, and energetic operations coordinator. This person will work directly for the CEO to keep the business running smoothly in the following areas: general office administration; basic tracking of expenses, vendors, and bills; human resources; relations with key business partners; basic technical services.

This job is not for someone who needs a predictable 9-5 schedule. The work environment is fast paced and imposes demands outside normal business hours, to sometime include weekends.

This position has high growth potential. Compensation is competitive.

The business of War on the Rocks focuses on military and foreign affairs. Candidates with an interest in these issues are especially encouraged to apply, but should understand that the substance of this particular position is not focused on military and foreign affairs.

Experience and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Basic knowledge of business and financial principles.
  • Strong candidates will have served in administrative or management roles for small organizations.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Basic IT skills (MS Office, etc). Experience with WordPress is desired.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Self-motivation and the ability to anticipate and prevent problems.
  • Basic knowledge of politics and world affairs.

To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to editor@warontherocks.com with “OPERATIONS COORDINATOR APP” in the subject line. Include an amusing story about yourself in the cover letter.


Image: Public Domain