What Does the Future Hold for the U.S. Army?


Tomorrow, the Atlantic Council will be launching a major report on the future of the U.S. Army by our very own “Strategic Outpost” columnists, Lt. Gen (ret.) Dave Barno and Dr. Nora Bensahel. War on the Rocks readers got an exclusive first look at some of their findings in their most recent article:

[The report] includes 50 recommendations to help the U.S. Army prepare for the long-term future while still dominating a broad range of current and near-term conflicts. Our most important recommendations are not about fielding advanced weaponry, improving urban training, or even retaining the best talent (though those are all necessary). Instead, we believe the most critical prescriptions involve changing parts of the Army’s culture — those elements of the Army’s self-identity that are problematic, outdated, or both. Those cultural changes must happen if the U.S. Army is to remain the best in the world over the next decades and beyond. And these moves need to begin now, because they will undoubtedly make today’s Army stronger as well.

Barno and Bensahel will be joined on stage by former Undersecretary of Defense Brad Carson and Missy Ryan of The Washington Post. If you’re in the Washington area, you can attend the event in person. If you’re anywhere with an Internet connection, you can watch it live on the Atlantic Council’s website.

Don’t miss it!


Image: U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Austin Anyzeski