Learn About Turkish History As the Dust Settles

July 16, 2016

Turkey’s major cities are quiet today after a dramatic coup attempt by a faction within the Turkish military. There is still so much we do not yet know and may not know for quite some time. Had the coup succeeded, this would not have been the first Turkey experienced – far from it. In the era of the insta-expert, there is a lot of speculation on social media and news shows unburdened by evidence, but the War on the Rocks tribe is more discerning. To learn about Turkey’s fascinating political culture and history, these books offer good places to start. You can learn far more about Turkey from these accessible and credible books than you ever will from Twitter:

Also check out our Turkey articles. On Monday, I plan to convene a live Google Hangout to discuss the coup attempt. Details to follow.


Ryan Evans is the founder and editor-in-chief of War on the Rocks.