PODCAST: Around the World, Ep. 1


At War on the Rocks, we are re-vamping our podcast series. We will be holding one podcast a week. The first of each month will be ’round the world. We will discuss the most pressing global security issues…over drinks of course.

Have a listen!

This week, we were joined by:

  • Richard Fontaine, President of the Center for a New American Security
  • Frank Hoffman, Senior Research Fellow at the National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies (all of his opinions are his own, of course, and not those of NDU, the Dept. of Defense, or the U.S. government)
  • Justin T. Johnson, Senior Policy Analyst for Defense Budgeting Policy at the Heritage Foundation
  • Afshon Ostovar, a Middle East analyst at CNA
  • Mira Rapp-Hooper, the Director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at CSIS
  • Erin Simpson, CEO of Caerus Associates.
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