PODCAST: National Security and the Schoolhouse

May 20, 2015

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This is a very special Schoolhouse edition of the War on the Rocks podcast series. As many of you know, our Schoolhouse series is concerned with the intersection between policy and the academy. Is scholarship relevant to the policymaker? Is the academy preparing people to go into the policy world? Our guests grappled with these questions and more, telling their own stories of how they came be involved as scholars in the policy world, in the field in Afghanistan, and the private sector. We were joined by Frank Gavin of MIT, Erin Simpson of Caerus Associates, and Stephen Tankel of American University.

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Image: Marcus Hansson

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One thought on “PODCAST: National Security and the Schoolhouse

  1. A fascinating listen. I agree that tenure reform should come from the faculty and universities before a province or state decides to do it for them.