True Experts in National Security and Foreign Policy

March 10, 2015

Editor’s note: We asked contributors to the War on the Rocks Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to tell other readers, in their own words, why they chose to support WOTR. The responses we received have been amazing. Here’s one of them.


If you want informed commentary on foreign policy and musings on various liquors, you needn’t keep looking—you’ve found War on the Rocks. It’s hard to nail down what they do best. WOTR’s contributing authors are true experts in national security and foreign policy, and the editorial staff has vetted them to make sure they have the right amount of street cred to back it up. The content is varied and easy to digest; it doesn’t read like an overwritten field manual. I contributed to WOTR’s campaign because I love what they do. I want to see them get bigger.

— Thomas Spincic, Assistant Editor, ARMY Magazine (released monthly by the Association of the U.S. Army)